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Innocence in America


Blind Innocence Postcard Perfect
Americas Fascination with Guns Last Day of Innocence In Hopes of Becoming
Lost and Found Been There Then  


Description of Series One: "Innocence in America"

These pieces are semi autobiographical and suggest a period when America seemed to have the purity and innocence in which we comfortably lived in. The time frame is the late fifties through the mid seventies, when the Vietnam war divided the country and it was at this moment that America seemed to have lost its innocence. The sixties and seventies brought about some great social changes and America was no longer perceived as being innocent. The changes were global but no where else was it felt as hard as it was here.
In my Sculptues I try to show what I personally experienced during these times. Blind to segragation, impressed by deliquincy, fearful of weapons and the ramifications of violence. And then Vietnam.

These Pieces are Assemblages in Boxes and Measure Approx. 18" x 24" x 4" or 6".


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